Screen Shots In Online Games

When a player decides which game they want to purchase they often look at the cover. This will have screen shots from the game itself. In modern gaming it is not just professionals who are able to release screen shot images of the game. Programmes like Steam allow the gamer to create a screen shot of their play with just the push of a button.

The simplicity and immediacy of a screen shot button in Steam means that the player can create perfectly timed pieces of art. These can then be shared and showcased on online sites. These can include specialist sites like an online blackjack guide or a more general image posting forum.

There are concerns however about the amount of time young people are playing some video games. Some organisations point out the dangers of addiction that video games can create for certain people. However perhaps the ability to create still image art is enough to justify the length of time young people spend on their consoles and PCs.

One company who have embraced the ability to create art in online games is Rockstar. In particular their popular game GTA V is a prime example of how a gaming community has been given greater creative freedom. The game allows characters to take pictures and even selfies with their in-game mobile phones. This means that players can photograph the game play and vast landscape of GTA.

The map, known as Los Santos is vast and contains many different types of terrain. This includes beaches, woodlands, cities and lakes. Player can create astonishing virtual photos of this landscape. Rockstar Games have encouraged this and have even run competitions to determine the best player taken pictures. It seems like that player created art will continue to be a trend in online gaming.