Photography In Movies And Games

  • One Hour Photo

Photography and the development of pictures is the theme of this psychological thriller. Robin Williams is well known for his comedic roles. However, in this film, he takes on a much darker persona. He plays the character of Sy, a photo technician who becomes obsessed with a family after viewing their photos.

  • Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a video game where players take on the role of a photojournalist called Frank West. The player is armed with a camera and is able to take pictures freely with it and save them. One object of the game is to take high quality photographs in order to win points.

Frank is dropped into a mall where the player is able to explore. However, Frank soon realises that the place is over run by zombies. He must investigate the cause and take photos in order to provide evidence of this. This game is exceptionally good at giving the gamer the ability to take photographs in an exciting survival environment.

  • Bully

Bully is a 2006 Rockstar game where the player controls the actions of a young boy who has moved to a new boarding school called Bullworth Academy. Throughout his days at the school he must go to different classes and complete tasks in order to attain grades.

One of these classes is photography. The player is given a camera and told to take pictures of different objects and landmarks. The game then states whether this is a “good” or “bad” photograph. A grade is then assigned accordingly. Eventually the player is allowed to explore the towns outside of the school and complete missions. Several of these missions involve using the camera to take photos for various individuals. An example of this is the carnival mission. In this mission the player is told to take publicity stills of the various rides for the owner.