Most Famous Photos

  • The Falling Man

The September 11th 2001 terror attacks changed the world forever. In one photo taken by Richard Drew we see a man falling from the World Trade Centre building to his death. His identity remains unknown. There is an interesting Channel 4 documentary that examines the possible identity of the falling man. Drew has stated that he considers the anonymity of the man ideal as it helps to be more representative of every victim of that fateful day rather than simply one individual.

  • Winston Churchill

In 1941 Yousuf Karsh took a portrait photograph of British Prime Minister Churchill in an iconic pose. The picture is reported to have been taken after Karsh snatched Chruchill’s cigar from his hand. It is for this reason that Churchill has such a scowl on his face. It depicted the Prime Minister as “roaring lion” for decades to come.

  • Marilyn Monroe

The image of the famed yet tragic sex symbol standing above a subway grate is more well known than her actual movies. In the photo her dress rides up thanks to the wind and she cheekily tries to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. The 1954 picture depicts Monroe in a publicity still for the movie The Seven Year Itch. It has proved to be one of her greatest films thanks in no small part to this image.

  • Che Guevara

The iconic photograph of the revolutionary was taken by Alberto Korda in 1960. Over the past few decades the picture has become a part of Western popular culture. T shirts with the image printed on them have been sold in the millions. The picture has had its original meaning distorted as later generations have used it as a symbol for their own causes. It continues to be used as an icon for counter culture throughout the world.