Important Photographers

Mary Ellen Mark

Mark was well known in the industry for her journalistic and

documentary approach to photography. She often took pictures of people who were outside of mainstream society. Her work showcases the types of groups that are often overlooked by traditional media.

Outside of journalism she also took pictures for movie companies. She worked on over one hundred films where she was assigned to create production stills. Her most significant work was on the troubled shoot for the war epic Apocalypse Now. She also worked on 2008 film Australia.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

For many photographers Cartier-Bresson was an important influence on the development of their work. He is considered to be a pioneer in the establishment of the art form. He helped to popularise the concept of “street photography”.

He is known as a master of photography, especially in the use of 35 mm film stock. His theories on the art are also used by modern photographers today as a way of perfecting their work. Perhaps his most influential concept is that of the “decisive moment”. This is the concept that when one takes a photograph one is capturing a specific moment in time. This moment is unique and will never come again. It is because of this concept that photographers today take timing into account often when taking their pictures.

Ansel Adams

This American photographer and environmentalist was one of the very best at capturing the beauty of natural landscapes. He used black and white to showcase the environments of the American West, with Yosemite in particular being some of his most popular work.

His pictures have been widely lauded and reproduced throughout the world. He is also important because of his various technique inventions which have helped to create increased clarity and picture quality for future generations of photographers.