Female Photographers

Pamela Springsteen

Pamela Springsteen is a US based photographer who is also well known for being the younger sister of the rock singer Bruce Springsteen. She first rose to prominence as an actress. Her best role was that of serial killer Angela Baker in the Sleepaway Camp slasher film series. After taking a break from acting she has now become well known in Hollywood for her skills as a professional photographer.

She has contributed images for her brother’s albums. She has also done this for the ill-fated rap group N.W.A. Her style has attracted a number of celebrities who have used her to create publicity stills. This includes actress Olivia Newton-John, movie star Tom Hanks and country singer legend Dolly Parton. She is one of the best female photographers when it comes to capturing the character of individual celebrities.

Arlene Gottfried

In contrast to Springsteen, Arlene Gottfried captured the beauty of ordinary people rather than celebrities. She most often worked in black and white which she used to portray the people she met in New York City. Her work usually takes place out in the open.

From her pictures it is clear to see how diverse, strange and energetic the city was in the time she was active. She spent a lot of her career simply wandering the different streets, exploring and the documenting the individuals she saw there.

Her work has gained more recognition thanks to the publicity provided by her more famous brother, the comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Sadly Arlene died in August 2017. Her contributions to the world of photography are being increasingly recognised after her passing.

A Comparison

Both of these photographers are similar for a number of reasons. They both work primarily in black and white. They also focus on the individual human form. The difference is that Springsteen works in a polished environment whereas Gottfried took her camera out onto the grimy streets of New York.